CoreControl™ Cooling Glove

What is CoreControl™?Slide-3---edited

CoreControl™ Cooling Glove is the product of 20 years development by Stanford University in California, USA. It is a revolutionary body cooling technology that lowers an overheated individual’s core body temperature back to homeostasis safely, quickly, and effectively.

The device is handheld used to rapidly lower core body temperature from the inside out by cooling the circulating blood instead of traditional cooling methods (i.e fans, ice packs, ice jacket). CoreControl ™ Cooling Glove is the solution to heat stress.

4-Section-Industrial-SolutionsWhat does the body do with extra heat? 

When the body is overheated, its first reaction is to utilize blood flow to send the extra heat away from the core and to the extremities (arms, legs, head). The reason for this is twofold: first, the body’s vital organs are situated in the core and do not tolerate temperature increases. Second, the extremities have special skin surfaces areas called glabrous skin that are designed to help the body get rid of the excess heat. The glabrous skin regions are located in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and the non-hairy portions of the face. These areas are instrumental in heat dissipation because they have many blood vessels to accommodate hot blood flow and very little insulation, making it easier for heat to escape into the surrounding environment.

What is Heat Stress?3-Section-Heat Safety

Heat stress occurs when a hot environment and physical activity overwhelm the body’s ability to cool itself through sweating. This can occur outdoors or indoors. Every individual should be aware of the symptoms of heat stress and take action immediately if they are noted. Symptoms of heat stress are excessive sweating, dizziness, nausea, stomach aches, vomiting, fainting, mood changes and confusion. If heat stress is not recognized and treated in its early stages it can quickly progress to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Product-Slider-878x600Why CoreControl™ Cooling Glove?

CoreControl™ Cooling Glove is a cutting edge technology developed for core body heat extraction. Being overheated, results in lowering the level of ability to do physical work and the level of concentration, which causes low performance, higher possibility to make mistakes and increase the risk of accidents. When you are overheated, your body naturally cools itself by emitting heat through the palms of your hands designed for thermal exchange. CoreControlTM Cooling Glove speeds up that process by five times..

How does CoreControl ™ Cooling Glove work?2-Section-Athletics-and-Team-Sports

CoreControl™ Cooling Glove works with the body’s natural adaptations for thermoregulation by utilizing the specialized blood vessels that exist in the palms of the hands – the body’s radiator – that are designed for thermal exchange. A cooling pad on your hand rapidly exchanges heat with an optimal cool temperature.
The combined application of a slight vacuum and optimal temperature enhances the natural heat exchange of these radiator structures, cooling a person effectively and far more efficiently than other devices. It is easy to use, painless, non-invasive, safe and effective.

^61F1316708ADE412706E1521F413508F523CF3D829A0B18F2A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrHow do I use CoreControl ™ Cooling Glove?

The CoreControl™ Cooling Glove employs the basic principles of heat exchange between two surfaces, making it completely non-invasive. Simply place your hand in the Cooling Glove for as little as 3-5 minutes and allow our technology to lower your core body temperature.

What to Expect? Slide-2---edited

Studies from the Stanford Biology Department and companies Internal HSE Departments have proven:

   • Prevention against heat exhaustion (when it is used early and regularly)
   • 30%+ increase in productivity
   • Restored energy
   • Reduced fatigue
   • Improves concentration and alertness
   • Peak physical performance restored
   • Higher endurance levels
   • Acuity sharpened

Anyone in the following fields who is struggling with heat stress on daily basis:Product-Slider-3-899x600

   • Workers in oil and gas fields
   • Construction Workers
   • Military
   • Mining
   • Athletic and Sport Teams
   • Fire Fighters
   • Hospitals
   • Schools
   • Any field with outdoor activities

This device is currently used in U.S.A, Australia, U.K, China, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and UAE.

CoreControlTM CoolingGlove Certification:
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 compliant facilities in the USA.
  • Certified by UAE Ministry of Health as a medical device.